Where do I find out my Elvanto settings?

Any other user from your organisation who is already using the app can share their settings with you by inserting the App Invite field into an SMS. Your phone will automatically install the settings next time the app starts.

Alternatively, the Elvanto administrator for your organisation can supply these settings after enabling integration with our Android app using these instructions.

What username and password do I use to log in to Elvanto?

Your normal Elvanto username and password. This is because you are logging into the official Elvanto site, not into our app.

Why are some members of the group grayed out?

Because they do not have a mobile number, and therefore are not available as the recipient of an SMS.

Is my organisation’s data exposed to the internet?

No, all connections to Elvanto use SSL encryption and OAUTH2 authentication.

How much does sending an SMS cost?

This depends on your phone provider. You will need to look up their per-SMS charge and multiply this by the number of recipients. If your message is longer than 160 characters you will also have to multiply by the number of parts.

Why does it stop sending when there are still recipients left?

There is a default setting for the maximum number of recipients to send in one go. Press the back button until you reach the main screen, choose Settings from the menu, and change the number of recipients to the new desired maximum. You should consult your phone provider contract to ensure you do not exceed your SMS cap or violate their fair-use policy.