The following simple steps will enable integration between Elvanto and Group SMS. They can only be carried out by the Elvanto administrator for your organisation.

1. Navigate to Settings



2. Scroll to the bottom and click on Integrations


3. Click on Add Integration


4. Choose Custom


5. Enter the details as below. The redirect field must match exactly, with the trailing slash. If you want to use the Group SMS App Icon, download it here. Click Register App to complete.


6. Click on the integration you just created and this time the Client ID and Client Secret will be filled in. Copy these into a text or email to send to the phone where the Android app has been installed.

NB If you receive the “failed to retrieve access code” error when running the app (below), return to the integration screen above, delete whatever is in the “Redirect” field, and type in again manually oauth:// including the trailing slash. Save and try the app again.

7. In the Android app, click on Elvanto Settings and paste the ID and Secret from the text or email. You can now connect to Elvanto using your normal Elvanto username and password.

NB: You can send your Elvanto Settings to another user by inserting the App Invite field when composing an SMS from the app. Their phone will automatically install the settings from your SMS, which will grant them access to all your organisations groups.


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